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        • National Service Hotline:0373-8722618 8606688
          AnKelin industry
          Anklin filter industry is a high-tech enterprise producing air filter equipment
          About AnKelin


          It covers an area of more than 45,000 square meters


          Total assets: RMB 80 million


          The company now has 98 patents, including 3 national invention patents


          In 2019, the company's sales revenue is expected to reach about 200 million yuan
          Company profile Henan Ankelin Filter Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise producing air filters. The company has excellent equipment, strong economic strength and advanced production technology. It has won the support of Henan Provincial People's Government and the Ministry of Science and Technology Innovation Fund. The company now has two bases for producing air filtration materials and filters. Headquartered in the southern section of Hongli Avenue, Nanpu District, Changyuan County, covering an area of more than 45,000 square meters, with a total assets of more than 80 million yuan, convenient transportation and beautiful environment, beautiful scenery in the east of the Yellow River Tourism Eco-Park, excellent air quality all year round.
          Corporate culture Enterprise development strategy: pay attention to market dynamics, pay close attention to product quality, and strive to create world class. Enterprise goal: tree hundred years of angel forest filtration industry, create a first-class enterprise. Moral norms: to mold people with noble spirit, to arm people with modern business philosophy, to win the market with honesty and trustworthiness, to high-quality, low-cost and courageous tide. Enterprise values: people-oriented, innovative development. Create a brilliant tomorrow for our country's filtering industry. Enterprise spirit: focus, pragmatism, integrity, persistence, innovation and rationality.
          Plant landscape equipment The company has two production bases of filter materials and filters, covering an area of more than 45,000 square meters, with a total asset of more than 80 million yuan. In 2012, German and Italian full-automatic filter material production lines and testing equipment were introduced, with an annual output of more than 1 million square meters of air filter materials, more than 2 million square meters of fire retardant and water-resistant filter materials production capacity, is the domestic production of large-scale filter material manufacturers.
          Aptitude honor The company is a high-tech enterprise that produces air filter materials. The company has excellent equipment and advanced production technology. The products have won the famous trademark of Henan Province. The company has passed ISO 9001:2008 quality management system certification, ISO 1400 environmental management system certification, GB28001 occupational health and safety management system certification, the company now has 83 patents, including three national invention patents, more than 80 new patents.
          Product display With an annual output of more than 2 million air filters, 1.5 million air-conditioning filters production capacity, is the current domestic production of large-scale filter manufacturers, products are widely used in medical and health, biological pharmaceuticals, food industry, automotive industry, rail transit, precision electronics, new energy, communications equipment and other industries.
          An Kelin products
          Strong production capacity, is the domestic production scale of large filter materials and filters production enterprises
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